Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Should under 13s use Facebook for education??

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg  has said that he wants to let children under 13 use it!!!

There are age limits on these SNS from the Chirldren's Online Privacy Protection Act, even though it is estimated that seven and a half million of Facebook's 600 million users are under 13.

Mr. Zuckerberg wants to change the law because of the educational benefits of the site....but what about the risks?? Zuckerberg says that:

"My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age. Because of the [legal] restrictions we haven't even begun this learning process."

You can't deny that he is absolutly correct about education, there are numerous studies that are showing that the internet and SNS do have educational benefit, a University found that '

'94 percent used the Internet, 82 percent go online at home and 77 percent had a profile on a social networking site. When asked what they learn from using social networking sites, the students listed technology skills as the top lesson, followed by creativity, being open to new or diverse views and communication skills.'

But these are university students, would SNS be of benefit to children of such a young age?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

QR tags for children

I am loving QR tags at the moment, I've been aware of the exsistence for some time, but dismissed them as a new advertising/marketing idea that will fizzle out. Oh how wrong I have been...

For those who don't know, a QR code is Quick Response Code that, when using a smart phone or webcam, you can scan the picture and get information such as websites instantly, here's my blog QR

Found this site today ( it is the safety Tat QR, which is a site where you can design QR codes to hold emergency contact information and then make a transfereable 'tattoo' to stick to your childs arm, then if that child goes missing on a day out and someone finds them, they can scan the code and contact the parents.

My housemate was outraged by this, saying 'just another thing thats turning us all into more step to becoming robots'

My gut reaction was that, 'well you've obviously never lost a child in an amusement park', even if only for 10 seconds, its quite possibly, for me at least, the worse feeling in the world but then it did get me thinking what about the abuse of this marvellous idea, would it encourage kidnappinbg/randoming or have I been watching too many thrillers recently??

What about the use of QR codes in other ways for children, T.G.I Fridays have QR codes on the back of their children's menus to link the children to the Facebook page:

'The menus provide marketers a way to target children and their parents' (

I know that marketers use children all the time to target their products as a way to nag parents into buying them something or taking them somewhere and I couldn't help but feel uneasy about this quote, especially with 'Facebook' in there, is it right? Or is this just going too far?

And what about the open use of QR tags and pushing them into the children's arena?? How safe are QR tags? By targeting children, we're saying that QR tags are fine for children to use, but are they? You have no idea what's behind a QR tag so should we be openly using them for anyone to abuse??

Monday, 7 November 2011

750 views - Little Gossip

Came across a SNS I've never heard of before, and to be honest, its pretty vile.

Its called Little Gossip and all its function is to allow people to leave comments anonymously about their fellow classmates and/or teachers, here's an example from our very own Plymouth University:

Name omitted is a big/ugly dog who occupies her time by gossiping about people as well as trying to turn people against them. She needs to grow the hell up. Seems to me that no one actually likes her, besides a few lads and 'her girls'. Everyone else just tolerates her so she doesn't go all physco on them.'

what about this one

'has shagged over 100 people and is a known gonorrhea spreader'

Its a shame to think that cyber bullying is still present, even at this level, I assume that this person has some intelligence as they can spell gonorrhea. Whats worse, is that beside the comments made by students, other people have the opportunity to to decide whether this is a false statment or true and sadly it invariably turns out to be the latter.

What is a laugh on this site is their 'safety tips'....

Do not bully, harass or target other users of LittleGossip community with hate speech or threats. It’s not allowed to imitate other users on LittleGossip. Never post any content on LittleGossip that is obscene, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, racist or contains information about an underage. If you have doubts about posting any questionable content, it can indicate that you are close to breaking this rule.


LittleGossip wants to maintain a positive vibe on the site. Every gossip on the site can be removed in return for one positive / light-hearted / funny post. In order to delete the gossip please click ‘Report’ button. You can submit one piece of gossip about yourself or anyone you know and get the gossip you reported removed. Please note, we have sophisticated monitoring systems in place and if gossip submitted doesn't make sense then the gossip you were trying to remove will come back.

If gonorrhea spreader isn't obscene then what is and how that is a positive vibe beats me, I'm sure the VICTIMS because they are victims of cyber bullying don;t find this light-hearted, in fact I doubt that they even know its on this site, because I've certainly never heard of this SNS before.

I found in an article that in December of last year the site closed down and reopend saying that the site is only for adults...hmmm...thats why in the list there are sixth the site is open to 16 year olds? Even without the age/adult arguement, what about vunerable adults??? Perfect quote from a concerned father:

"It's cyber-bullying at its worst," he said. "Seriously, kids are going to take their lives because of this site."

I couldn't agree more, in another article the head of James Allen’s Girls’ School in Dulwich, South East London had this to say:

‘I’m just so angry that this vehicle for cyber-bullying exists. I can’t imagine what kind of person wants to set up a site like this. It must be some kind of sick person.’

Sums it all up really...truely sad and disgusting

720 view - 'Pole-dancing' primary school teachers =D

I remembered this article from a few months ago, probably because I had such a strong reaction to it:

Shock! horror! Primary school teachers drink alcohol!! Clearly they cannot be fit to teach!!

What a load of sh....

Unfortunately, a teachers Facebook page hadn't been set to the full privacy settings, again I reiterate what I've already said in the past, that privacy issue can be a right pain in the bum, you have to mess about with it for ages, I've even had to get people delete me and check its all blocked up!

The group went out on a hen night, where the time honoured tradition of dressing up in a mini army/sailor/burlesque (on this occasion it was army) outfit and playing on poles was dutifully carried out by the group, then the 'OMG what was I doing' pictures appeared and by Monday 'back to work' mode set in and they went about their jobs.

Unfortunately, a parent of a pupil at the school saw the pictures, printed them off  and post them through neighbours doors including this letter:

‘If you are as appalled as I am by these images which these tramps post freely for the world to see, how safe are our children? What does this tell you about this school and how it is being run? These women teach my children, but not for much longer'
Of course I agree about the profile privacy issue, but it was caught and dealt with appropriately, but for goodness sake!!!....really

Outrage: A parent of one pupil at the school spotted the pictures, printed off five pages of them and posted them through neighbours' front doors

REALLY!!! I come from a military town and as a result have a few friends who have done tours in Iraq/Afghanistan and I'll tell you know, you should see the pictures of what they get up to!! (If I get some more comments I'll post your one, how they get into that position with a helicopter would send you head spinning)....does this mean their not fit to be in the armed services, because their profiles aren't set to privacy, anyone can look at those is it a gender issue or what job your doing issue????

Another thing about this article that got me going was the note written on it!! What aggression and malice in those threats!! Again, quick to judge without taking the foresight to think how you sound! Excellent example (again) to your children, instead of dealing with the issue in an appropriate manner, dealing with the issue in a completely childish way.

Also, what are your children doing on Facebook at that age anyway, and what are the chances of them actually seeing this 'awful, trampy picture' of them enjoying a hen night, most appalling image they could see, I'm sure no parent would ever allow their children to see anything like this, or maybe we should start keeping our newspapers on the top shelf where no child can see on a DAILY basis of all sorts of issues, not the least a group shout of their teachers holding a glass of wine....

690 views - Parents cyber bullying teachers!!

Found this interesting article about teachers being abused online by parents!!

 The National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) is telling its members to be more willing to take on the adult bullies after receiving a number calls from teachers who have been cyberbullied. According to NAHT the majority of complaints are about parents using the SNS to criticise teachers and their school's leadership.

A parent spoke about her use of Facebook to slander the school:

"For three days, I vented my anger and my spleen on my Facebook page. If they had come to speak to me and make those appointments I wouldn't have had to use the Internet to get my point across. No-one at the school was listening.

Ha, and we wonder where cyber bullying comes from, what sort of message does this send to her child, she is scarily oblivious to the sort of character she is showing herself to be. SNS are not for ignorant people to discuss subjects in a completely inappropriate way, yes 3 days is a bit excessive, but what was happening during those 3 days in school? Are you sure the situation wasn't being noted? Instead of throwing your toys out of the pram and stamping your feet realise that schools don't revolve around you and your needs, yes bullying is an awful situation but as the saying goes, you can't fight fire with fire.


630 views - Children's Data Protection Failure

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection or CEOP is responsible for the safety of children online and advises parents and professional in e-safety.

An investigation has taken place after the web page for children was insecure, shockingly it was a member of the public who found a form on the website was unencrypted meaning that personal details entered on the site could have been visible to anyone. Peter Davies stated that:

"The security was not as good as it should have been but it's been fixed now. But to have accessed it you would have had to have really gone hunting for it and would have had to have had very high levels of expertise."

Great bit of optimism there, because of course a kind of 'people' to use this sort of information in criminalised ways would never be..systematic, adept, skilled, masters of manipulation and perfectly capable of keep an eye on ways to get access to their prey, our children.

600 views - Anti Bullying Week 14th- 18th Nov 2011!!!

Next week marks the start of Anti Bullying Week =D

The theme for this years anti bullying campaign is "Stop and think - words can hurt" I think this is especially important in terms of cyber bullying where I've already discussed that children and young adults don't always think before they write.

I for one is very proud that Cornwall County Council posted this on their website

'Our Anti-Bullying Week slogan Stop and think - words can hurt challenges children and young people to stop and think about the language they are using in their face-to-face and digital communications.'

Got an e mail from TES, with this guide for parents about bullying, notice how absolutly no where is there any remarks about cyber bullying - but there is some really good generic anti bullying resources on here =D

Happy Anti-Bullying week!!!

ABAW logo

570 views - The very dark side of cyber bullying

Hope you liked the last blog 'what a silly woman' because we're going down the sad road again when its comes to cyber bullying. In 1997 Suicide statistics show that in the UK at least 16 children (15 and under) killed themselves each year because they are being bullied. Fast forward to 2009 and that figure increases to 39, with attempts at an all time high.

What reasoning is there for this? You can't say the Internet and SNS can be responsible for this?! Well maybe I can.....have a look at these statistics

What a fantastic drop between 1999 - 2006!! But what can possible have happened to up turn these sad statistics considering MySpace launched in 2003, Facebook in 2004 and Bebo in 2005 I'll eat my shoe if its not related to SNS. According to A AP-MTV survey, only half of young people say they have thought the idea that things they post online could come back to hurt them later, meaning about half of the young people do not think before they post. But what about those who know EXACTLY what they are doing...

Take the case of Megan Meier, a 13 year old American student who took her own life after the 49 year old MOTHER of a girl who Megan fell out with, created a fake MySpace account and pretended to be a 'young hot boy', interested in Megan. What's worse, Megan had to beg her mother to allow her to accept the friend request, showing that at least Megan's mother did appropriate actions of what a parent should do.

Megan began an 'online relationship' with the 'boy' where the vile woman behind the screen got Megan to confess her secrets and vulnerabilities, to which, the 'boy' turned on her and stated that 'he' didn't want to be friends anymore, which in turn made Megan considerable upset and vulnerable..what 13 year old wouldn't be?

Not only did 'he' end the 'relationship' but saw fit to send their private e-mails to every online friend 'he' could, of course meaning the whole school read, laughed and made lurid, hurtful comments at Megan online, not only that but the 'boy' sent this: -

'Everybody in O’Fallon knows how you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a shitty rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you.'

Megan hung herself after this message. Lori Drew was acquitted of any wrong doing in Megan's death.

I think this is quite possibly one of the most horrific things I've seen since looking at e-safety, there are so many points to this story, firstly, there should be harsher consequences for those caught cyber-bullying, secondly, SNS should do more to help vulnerable children manage their accounts and impose consequences to those caught cyber-bullying and thirdly we're simply still not doing enough to combat cyber bullying.

540 views - what a silly woman

So my last few blogs have been a bit heavy so here's a nice story on a bit of adult cyber bullying (yes I know its a bit loose, but I still trying to make it related to e-safety!) and what a brilliant comeback!

This silly woman forgot that her boss was her friend on Facebook and went on a rant about her 'peervy' (yes that's the cyberbullying bit :) but what a brilliant response!!!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

510 views - sickening video on child exploitation on Facebook

And here's a 'lovely' video for weekend showing posts made by some very sick is pretty rough so don't watch if you don't have a strong stomach for this kind of stuff, the most worrying thing is the 'groups' and 'activities' listed on their Facebook accounts,  a very good reason to have SNS banned for letting these type of people communicate with each other

480 views -'Why Parents Lie to Let Kids Join Facebook'

Found this article from the New York Times (

I like the quote 'The site’s whole purpose is to erode the concept of privacy' got me thinking just how safe is Facebook, since looking into e-safety its not looking good....although, it is sad to say, I'm to much of a Facebook 'addict' to delete my account.

But enough of 'my' e-safety, what about these 7.5 million users under age 13 and more than 5 million of those users are under 10?? Is it acceptable to have these accounts? Privacy Protection Laws just don't work on this issue, of course your going to (quick do the math, if I'm 18 what year am i born in......) lie and who's going to check? Are they can ask proof of age online?? Maybe this is what we should be doing, personalising internet usage, surely there must be a way to do this, maybe one day we'll have internet access ID and certain sites open up to you as you get older? Though I'm sure someone will figure out a way to get past that too!

Of course Facebook imposes a 'strict' age limit, which you can just but your DOB at 1906 anyway so the question is this, should parents be helping their children make a Facebook account?? Accourding to this study in the NY Times 76% of the survey assisted their 12 year olds in creating the account? But why, is it because they don't care about the risks, or are they helping to try and get some sort of control over their children's SNS account? Or other reasons we don't necessarily think about....

Having personal experience over this, I was working as an Au Pair and the boy always wanted to play the games that I played on my Facebook account...but wait...your using all my energy and your digging in the wrong place!! (this is the amazing game that is Treasure Island) so to combat this problem I created an account for him so he could play games, I was his only friend (useful as I could use his account to send me virtual items for my gaming needs =D) there was no picture, information and his account wasn't publicly listed and I had his log in details so he could only go on Facebook when I allowed (useful in rewards and consequences =D) Was I right??? I'm not sure...eeekkk...I feel like an awful person since doing this blog about allowing him to play with Facebook and he had absolute zero contact with anyone. Are we scaremongering ourselves? have we got to a point of too much e-safety that we walk arounf paranoid and judging anyone and everyone who dares to let their children do ANYTHING on the internet?

Friday, 4 November 2011

450 views - Social networking and learning difficulties

Found this article ( and shocked myself, as I hadn't really thought about SNS and users with learning difficulties. The article is about The Act Smart scheme in Shropshire where they want to educate Internet safety skills to those with learning difficulties and whats really nice is it has been created by a man with Downs syndrome which says "The workshop is really good for people with different needs and disabilities,"

Was having a look about on more to do with SNS and LD and came across Special Friends Online ( This is a kinda LD Facebook and is a way of helping children and adults with learning difficulties to be part of international social networking communities, it -

"provides a haven as safe and secure as possible for people with learning disabilities, their parents, carers and volunteers to meet people and make friends with like-minded individuals from 28 countries around the world. Members also have the chance to interact with many of their learning disabled heroes and hear the inspirational stories of others"

Disabled World:

Had a little play with this,, firstly its not the easiest network to join, you have to be approved so security straight away gets a thumbs up. There is 'Smiley Talk' which is a way of interacting for people who can't use regular ways of chatting due to a multitude of reasons and use smiley face icons and preset questions and answers. There is a 'Padlock' feature which allows a carer to restrict access and lock user out of certain sections for example messaging or chat room for vulnerable users. Take a look, there's lots of fun tools on this SNS!!

420 views - Social network sites 'have duty' to stop cyberstalking

This news report ( is based on the first study into cyberstalking!!! considering MySpace launched in 2003 and Facebook in 2004 and Bebo in 2005 its a little bit overdue as I am willing to bet cyberstalking started the moment these SNS started, who hasn't looked up their exes, the girl we hated at school, our crushes etc. But when is having a a quick glance turn into a serious case of cyberstalking. Check out this story-

"Newsbeat spoke to another male victim who had been stalked online by a former workmate for more than three years. 'He started dozens of bogus accounts on every social networking site you can imagine," he said. "He's used those to contact my family, my friends and my schoolmates."

This isn't an isolated case, Working to Halt Abuse Online worked on 349 cases of cyberstalkig in 2010 -

To be honest, I think that this figure is well below what that actual figure of cyberstalking cases is....


360 views- Good little video for kids on e-safety

Found this video today, definatley gave me an uncomfortable feeling, casting did a good job on the bloke!

Check out the realisation on the kids faces when the interviewer starts asking about their SNS! Classic!

Excellent point on how she didn't even know she could have privacy settings on her SNS!!

Drat, they did a better cyberbullying video then me :(

330 Views - Shocking News!!

Poor Mr Bennett, an IT consultant who has a business called That Computer Chap got a very interesting review one day:

"Robbed My RAM and Touched 9 Year Old What a scam artist, he stole RAM from my computer and replaced it with smaller chips hoping I wouldnt notice and also I later found out touched my 9 year old inappropriately. A Violator and a rogue trader. DO NOT DO TRADE WITH THIS MAN!"

What the......What sort of low life who's grammar is somewhat less informed then my own, and that's saying something would post this!!! I know we all get upset when we get a bad service but this way below the belt.....the belt has fallen to the floor.

Whats even worse though is that it has taken 18 months for him to get this post of his business review!! Police as per usual did nothing, I like this quote from Google:

"We have rules against things like hate speech or impersonation, but we're not in a position to arbitrate disputes," a company statement said.

Would like to know what constitutes hate speech...because if accusing someone of being a pedophile isn't then what is!!!

300 views - Online Grooming

Here's Vodaphone definition of online grooming (yes...vodaphone...i know right!!)

'Online grooming is where someone makes contact with a child with the motive of preparing them for sexual abuse either online or offline. It’s one of those things you don’t want to think about as a parent and it’s unlikely that your child will be approached in this way, but it does happen so it’s something you need to be aware of.'

Check out Vodaphones site, its actually pretty cool about e-safety and advice for parents....But anyway, back to on-line grooming, research by CEOP has shown one in 12 of the eight million British children with internet access have gone on to meet someone in reality after they first made contact on the internet. A spokeswoman for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said:

'There is phenomenal growth in social networking sites, and young people have been putting personal information there which could easily identify them. We don't want them to put that kind of information online - because where young people go online, so do paedophiles. 'We will be seeking new safety features from the website operators. It's not a question of closing them down, we're just trying to stay one step ahead of those who are going online to exploit children.'

In July 2007, MySpace removed 29,000 American sex offenders and then 90,000 in 2009 although it took some pressure from US state governments. Even more worrying British police said at the time that they had no plans to give MySpace names of sex offenders so that they too could be evicted from the site and after a little bit of hunting they still haven't done this, meaning the police are quite happy to let peodophiles have facebook accounts!!! Don't worry British police they're are only 5 stories about this exact problem in the one website occurring in Sept 2011 -

'A PREDATOR who plied vulnerable girls aged 11 to 15 with drink and drugs to have sex with them was yesterday locked up for 10 years. Jake Ormerod, 20, used Facebook to groom “naive, immature girls” and even “bumped into them” outside schools.'

Surely whats the harm in handing over a few names to Facebook so they can monitor/delete accounts....didn't do MySpace any harm did it!!!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

270 views - Internet Safety Tips for Children

Thank-You to for summing up internet safety tips, this involved all e-safety tips I've seen circling the net

  • Place your computer in an open room with the monitor facing out. This allows you to see and control what is occurring on the Internet.
  • Educate your children about the Internet, both the positives and the potential dangers.
  • Bookmark child-friendly web sites. This allows your children to easily get to safe sites that they have used before.
  • Teach your children that Internet safety means never giving out personal information over the Internet.
  • Share your Internet child safety experiences, both good and bad, with others.
  • Teach your children to refrain from chat rooms.
  • Don't install Peer-to-peer applications. A high percentage of what occurs with children and peer-to-peer applications is related to either illegal or immoral activities.
  • Teach children to crash and tell. If they encounter a bad experience, they should feel comfortable in immediately turning off the computer and talking with a parent about the experience.
  • Never allow your children to meet with someone from an online session unless the parent approves.
  • Know the parents of your children's friends.
  • Teach children to never open email from someone they don't know.
  • Never respond to an unsubscribe on a pornographic email. If you or your child receives a message that is harassing, of a sexual nature, or threatening, forward a copy of the message to your ISP, and ask for assistance.

240 views - Under 13's using social media

EU Kids on-line published some research into social networking, age and privacy, one of the key items of the report was that younger children are more likely than older children to have their Facebook profiles set to 'public' these younger children are between the ages of 9-12.

From this, I can only assume that children are not aware that when you join Facebook, all information is made public, unless you go through settings, and even myself in my 20's have difficulty doing this, I had to get help to take photos put on Facebook by my friends off public viewing so what chance has a 9 year old, especially when according to this report half of parents do not put restrictions on their children using social networking sites (SNS), with Facebook being by far the only one, or most used SNS.

Even more worrying is whether this age group is even aware of the negative issues of using SNS, when do parent and/or teachers actually start educating the risks of these SNS sites, as noted in the research:

Given the possible risks, as well as the many
opportunities afforded by social networking, and since
much SNS usage occurs away from adult supervision,
children’s own digital skills are crucial. This includes
children’s ability to use the safety features embedded
in the sites, although their skills in this respect are
partly dependent on the usability of the features
themselves.  thoughts and statistics produce by EUkids online research


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180 views - adult only content

I was looking around for a post for a positive topic on the Internet and children, something down the lines of helping children read....I thought..."I know, what about a video where theres an animated version of Biff, Chip and Kipper"....then I stumbled across this......

Took me a few seconds to realise what I was listening too, and then saw the comments....OMG

There are many ways we can protect children from viewing inappropriate images/videos/music on the Internet with examples such as Net Nanny but how can we stop this??!! Advice on youtube from one observer was to 'it is sad but that's the Internet for you ALWAYS WATCH IT BEFORE YOUR KIDS' excellent advice, but how do we know that that is a child's course of action, they might say that they're going to look and something entirely different and change a course of action without consulting us, after all, that's what we as adults do, why should children be any different?? There is great stuff out there for parents and educational workers to help protect children, but sadly without more tutoring for  'US' about how to filter etc (has anyone tried using these software's?? trust me, not as easy as you think) situations like Biff and poor Chip are going to carry on happening, and whose to say children will actually 'own up' to viewing anything like this without thinking they're at risk in getting in trouble...or even worse, distributing this type of content themselves???

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

150 views - Continuing the cyber bully theme

Really good website all about cyberbullying - especially this little gem...are you a cyber might be surprised you facebook stalkers out there!!!!

120 views - Shocking statistics about Cyber-Bullying

 Anti Bullying Alliance (ABA) survey revealed the following:
  • One in five (20.5%) of students aged 10-11 had been cyber bullied in the past 12 months
  • 18% of the 10-11 year olds surveyed have been cyber bullied while at home.
A joint European Union/London School of Economics study published in January 2011, entitled Risks and safety on the internet: The perspective of European children, surveyed 9-16 year olds and their parents in 25 countries and found the following:
  • 6% of 9-16 year olds have been sent nasty or hurtful messages online , and 3% have sent such messages to others.
  • Over half of those who received bullying messages were fairly or very upset.
  • One in 13 of the 15-16 year olds report receiving nasty or hurtful messages online.
  • Those who have been bullied online are more likely to have been bullied on a social networking site or by instant messaging than by email, in gaming sites or chatrooms

source: -

90 views - Kent Trust eSafety Stategy 2012

So, in Sept 2011 (how very up-to date of me :) where they have release a document called 'using social media and technology in an education setting'

Basically the jist of it is, in the beautiful area of Kent, they have recognised that using social media tools such as blogs, facebook and wikis are ' excellent tools for teaching and learning and can provide exciting and new opportunities for schools to engage, communicate and collaborate with pupils and the wider community.' HAZARRRR!!! Social Media being encouraged in the classroom??!! never thought I'd see the day....does that mean teenagrs can bring in thir mobile phones again??

Unfortunatly I can't see it happening, but check out the idea of managing primary school e-mailing and social networking....intresting thoughts


60 Views - My video on cyber bullying

Hi, 60 views now so heres the next blog, I made a video about cyber bullying....enjoy

Oh, unfortunatly myself and Youtube have had a falling out, so don't view this on slideshare, download it and the music/videos will work on Powerpoint....SMILES =D

30 views - Hector the Dolphin

One of my motivations to do e-safety was Hector the Dolphin, I was first introduced to Hector while being a Teaching Assistant.

Hectors world, here is the link ( , is where children can access a world of safety.

Adults can download a Hector icon, where children can press if they come across any content that they believe is harmful/scary etc and contact an adult to help navigate away.

It also has videos which children can see about protecting their data, cyber bullying and a whole host of internet safety issues for children - really good stuff.....SMILES =D

Help me win!!!!

So for my e-learning module at uni, I have to write a blog about my choosen subject which is e-safety.

Whoever gets the most views wins a can only assume it will be of the chocoloate variety!!!

Also I have decided to give back....for ever 30 views I will make a conscience effort to write a new blog that is completly related to an e safety context

So me educate myself by viewing my blog...SMILES =D

Cracking one liners for tips to children on e-safety :)

Treat your password like your toothbrush – keep it to yourself! (