Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Calling all educators!!!!!

This past week I have been posting and posting where I can about my friends questionnaire, asking educators and the the rest to re post, spread the word and complete the questionnaire. A task that is virtually instantaneous to do all of the above mentioned, the nature of Social Networks allows us to do this and I am thankful I am doing my degree in this age, especially when I consider when my mother did her teaching degree, the horror stories she has told me about how hard it was travelling to and calling schools, being turned away etc to collect her research data (as if you don't have enough to do at this difficult time in your own personal education!)

So, quite frankly I am shocked, she hasn't had one result, its five easy questions, I would've of thought anyone who has undertaken this or similar task (as I am sure those who are reading this certainly has) would consider that (albeit not all, no one expects that) people would be willing to help out considering the amount of time and effort is being placed on technology in education, how technology is being pushed and used in education are we therefore not being a little hypocritical??

So please, can you complete this questionnaire and anyone others that you come across, remember, that person was you once, desperately waiting for these results so that you can spend sleepless night collating, analysing all that lovely data and trying to put it all into a intelligent 500 word paragraph because your lit review is too big =D

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