Its been a busy few weeks for Facebook, a week ago, it signed a 20 year agreement with the US Federal Trade Commission over privacy issues.

Bit of an embaressment that a gap in security has allowed anyone to view photos supposedly marked as "private" and has been used by adults to view pictures of underage users without their knowledge. Interestingly, the gap in security has been there since November, but has only been fixed when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had his pictures targetted on Tuesday.

Facebook could not say how many peoples' private pictures had been viewed as a result of the flaw – and it appears that all users of the social network were able to exploit it, even Zuckerberg posted in the company blog that "we've made a bunch of mistakes" relating to users'

It is clear that there are serious negative and illegal issues surrounding the use of Facebook, surely the UK and other goverments need to start putting more of an interest of safety in soical networking sites.