Monday, 7 November 2011

750 views - Little Gossip

Came across a SNS I've never heard of before, and to be honest, its pretty vile.

Its called Little Gossip and all its function is to allow people to leave comments anonymously about their fellow classmates and/or teachers, here's an example from our very own Plymouth University:

Name omitted is a big/ugly dog who occupies her time by gossiping about people as well as trying to turn people against them. She needs to grow the hell up. Seems to me that no one actually likes her, besides a few lads and 'her girls'. Everyone else just tolerates her so she doesn't go all physco on them.'

what about this one

'has shagged over 100 people and is a known gonorrhea spreader'

Its a shame to think that cyber bullying is still present, even at this level, I assume that this person has some intelligence as they can spell gonorrhea. Whats worse, is that beside the comments made by students, other people have the opportunity to to decide whether this is a false statment or true and sadly it invariably turns out to be the latter.

What is a laugh on this site is their 'safety tips'....

Do not bully, harass or target other users of LittleGossip community with hate speech or threats. It’s not allowed to imitate other users on LittleGossip. Never post any content on LittleGossip that is obscene, threatening, harassing, libelous, hate-oriented, racist or contains information about an underage. If you have doubts about posting any questionable content, it can indicate that you are close to breaking this rule.


LittleGossip wants to maintain a positive vibe on the site. Every gossip on the site can be removed in return for one positive / light-hearted / funny post. In order to delete the gossip please click ‘Report’ button. You can submit one piece of gossip about yourself or anyone you know and get the gossip you reported removed. Please note, we have sophisticated monitoring systems in place and if gossip submitted doesn't make sense then the gossip you were trying to remove will come back.

If gonorrhea spreader isn't obscene then what is and how that is a positive vibe beats me, I'm sure the VICTIMS because they are victims of cyber bullying don;t find this light-hearted, in fact I doubt that they even know its on this site, because I've certainly never heard of this SNS before.

I found in an article that in December of last year the site closed down and reopend saying that the site is only for adults...hmmm...thats why in the list there are sixth the site is open to 16 year olds? Even without the age/adult arguement, what about vunerable adults??? Perfect quote from a concerned father:

"It's cyber-bullying at its worst," he said. "Seriously, kids are going to take their lives because of this site."

I couldn't agree more, in another article the head of James Allen’s Girls’ School in Dulwich, South East London had this to say:

‘I’m just so angry that this vehicle for cyber-bullying exists. I can’t imagine what kind of person wants to set up a site like this. It must be some kind of sick person.’

Sums it all up really...truely sad and disgusting

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  1. a classic example of why more education about such sites and thorough monitoring and policing are imperative if cyber bullying is to be prevented.