Monday, 7 November 2011

720 view - 'Pole-dancing' primary school teachers =D

I remembered this article from a few months ago, probably because I had such a strong reaction to it:

Shock! horror! Primary school teachers drink alcohol!! Clearly they cannot be fit to teach!!

What a load of sh....

Unfortunately, a teachers Facebook page hadn't been set to the full privacy settings, again I reiterate what I've already said in the past, that privacy issue can be a right pain in the bum, you have to mess about with it for ages, I've even had to get people delete me and check its all blocked up!

The group went out on a hen night, where the time honoured tradition of dressing up in a mini army/sailor/burlesque (on this occasion it was army) outfit and playing on poles was dutifully carried out by the group, then the 'OMG what was I doing' pictures appeared and by Monday 'back to work' mode set in and they went about their jobs.

Unfortunately, a parent of a pupil at the school saw the pictures, printed them off  and post them through neighbours doors including this letter:

‘If you are as appalled as I am by these images which these tramps post freely for the world to see, how safe are our children? What does this tell you about this school and how it is being run? These women teach my children, but not for much longer'
Of course I agree about the profile privacy issue, but it was caught and dealt with appropriately, but for goodness sake!!!....really

Outrage: A parent of one pupil at the school spotted the pictures, printed off five pages of them and posted them through neighbours' front doors

REALLY!!! I come from a military town and as a result have a few friends who have done tours in Iraq/Afghanistan and I'll tell you know, you should see the pictures of what they get up to!! (If I get some more comments I'll post your one, how they get into that position with a helicopter would send you head spinning)....does this mean their not fit to be in the armed services, because their profiles aren't set to privacy, anyone can look at those is it a gender issue or what job your doing issue????

Another thing about this article that got me going was the note written on it!! What aggression and malice in those threats!! Again, quick to judge without taking the foresight to think how you sound! Excellent example (again) to your children, instead of dealing with the issue in an appropriate manner, dealing with the issue in a completely childish way.

Also, what are your children doing on Facebook at that age anyway, and what are the chances of them actually seeing this 'awful, trampy picture' of them enjoying a hen night, most appalling image they could see, I'm sure no parent would ever allow their children to see anything like this, or maybe we should start keeping our newspapers on the top shelf where no child can see on a DAILY basis of all sorts of issues, not the least a group shout of their teachers holding a glass of wine....

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  1. I read this, n' thought how ridiculous. the teachers were abviously on a night out for a friends hen doo not gyrating around a pole in the class room. but the parents were way over the top too instead of thinking about it more n' engaging a few brain cells, they just flew off the handle after seeing some pix on facebook, we've all had fun out in twn n' posted our pix on fb the nxt day, but too have some parents take offence to something there doing on there time out of school then it starts getting bad. when are these teachers allowed time to themselves...... well according to those parents.... NEVER IN THERE EYES.