Thursday, 3 November 2011

180 views - adult only content

I was looking around for a post for a positive topic on the Internet and children, something down the lines of helping children read....I thought..."I know, what about a video where theres an animated version of Biff, Chip and Kipper"....then I stumbled across this......

Took me a few seconds to realise what I was listening too, and then saw the comments....OMG

There are many ways we can protect children from viewing inappropriate images/videos/music on the Internet with examples such as Net Nanny but how can we stop this??!! Advice on youtube from one observer was to 'it is sad but that's the Internet for you ALWAYS WATCH IT BEFORE YOUR KIDS' excellent advice, but how do we know that that is a child's course of action, they might say that they're going to look and something entirely different and change a course of action without consulting us, after all, that's what we as adults do, why should children be any different?? There is great stuff out there for parents and educational workers to help protect children, but sadly without more tutoring for  'US' about how to filter etc (has anyone tried using these software's?? trust me, not as easy as you think) situations like Biff and poor Chip are going to carry on happening, and whose to say children will actually 'own up' to viewing anything like this without thinking they're at risk in getting in trouble...or even worse, distributing this type of content themselves???

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