Friday, 4 November 2011

450 views - Social networking and learning difficulties

Found this article ( and shocked myself, as I hadn't really thought about SNS and users with learning difficulties. The article is about The Act Smart scheme in Shropshire where they want to educate Internet safety skills to those with learning difficulties and whats really nice is it has been created by a man with Downs syndrome which says "The workshop is really good for people with different needs and disabilities,"

Was having a look about on more to do with SNS and LD and came across Special Friends Online ( This is a kinda LD Facebook and is a way of helping children and adults with learning difficulties to be part of international social networking communities, it -

"provides a haven as safe and secure as possible for people with learning disabilities, their parents, carers and volunteers to meet people and make friends with like-minded individuals from 28 countries around the world. Members also have the chance to interact with many of their learning disabled heroes and hear the inspirational stories of others"

Disabled World:

Had a little play with this,, firstly its not the easiest network to join, you have to be approved so security straight away gets a thumbs up. There is 'Smiley Talk' which is a way of interacting for people who can't use regular ways of chatting due to a multitude of reasons and use smiley face icons and preset questions and answers. There is a 'Padlock' feature which allows a carer to restrict access and lock user out of certain sections for example messaging or chat room for vulnerable users. Take a look, there's lots of fun tools on this SNS!!

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