Friday, 4 November 2011

300 views - Online Grooming

Here's Vodaphone definition of online grooming (yes...vodaphone...i know right!!)

'Online grooming is where someone makes contact with a child with the motive of preparing them for sexual abuse either online or offline. It’s one of those things you don’t want to think about as a parent and it’s unlikely that your child will be approached in this way, but it does happen so it’s something you need to be aware of.'

Check out Vodaphones site, its actually pretty cool about e-safety and advice for parents....But anyway, back to on-line grooming, research by CEOP has shown one in 12 of the eight million British children with internet access have gone on to meet someone in reality after they first made contact on the internet. A spokeswoman for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said:

'There is phenomenal growth in social networking sites, and young people have been putting personal information there which could easily identify them. We don't want them to put that kind of information online - because where young people go online, so do paedophiles. 'We will be seeking new safety features from the website operators. It's not a question of closing them down, we're just trying to stay one step ahead of those who are going online to exploit children.'

In July 2007, MySpace removed 29,000 American sex offenders and then 90,000 in 2009 although it took some pressure from US state governments. Even more worrying British police said at the time that they had no plans to give MySpace names of sex offenders so that they too could be evicted from the site and after a little bit of hunting they still haven't done this, meaning the police are quite happy to let peodophiles have facebook accounts!!! Don't worry British police they're are only 5 stories about this exact problem in the one website occurring in Sept 2011 -

'A PREDATOR who plied vulnerable girls aged 11 to 15 with drink and drugs to have sex with them was yesterday locked up for 10 years. Jake Ormerod, 20, used Facebook to groom “naive, immature girls” and even “bumped into them” outside schools.'

Surely whats the harm in handing over a few names to Facebook so they can monitor/delete accounts....didn't do MySpace any harm did it!!!!

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