Friday, 4 November 2011

330 Views - Shocking News!!

Poor Mr Bennett, an IT consultant who has a business called That Computer Chap got a very interesting review one day:

"Robbed My RAM and Touched 9 Year Old What a scam artist, he stole RAM from my computer and replaced it with smaller chips hoping I wouldnt notice and also I later found out touched my 9 year old inappropriately. A Violator and a rogue trader. DO NOT DO TRADE WITH THIS MAN!"

What the......What sort of low life who's grammar is somewhat less informed then my own, and that's saying something would post this!!! I know we all get upset when we get a bad service but this way below the belt.....the belt has fallen to the floor.

Whats even worse though is that it has taken 18 months for him to get this post of his business review!! Police as per usual did nothing, I like this quote from Google:

"We have rules against things like hate speech or impersonation, but we're not in a position to arbitrate disputes," a company statement said.

Would like to know what constitutes hate speech...because if accusing someone of being a pedophile isn't then what is!!!

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