Wednesday, 2 November 2011

90 views - Kent Trust eSafety Stategy 2012

So, in Sept 2011 (how very up-to date of me :) where they have release a document called 'using social media and technology in an education setting'

Basically the jist of it is, in the beautiful area of Kent, they have recognised that using social media tools such as blogs, facebook and wikis are ' excellent tools for teaching and learning and can provide exciting and new opportunities for schools to engage, communicate and collaborate with pupils and the wider community.' HAZARRRR!!! Social Media being encouraged in the classroom??!! never thought I'd see the day....does that mean teenagrs can bring in thir mobile phones again??

Unfortunatly I can't see it happening, but check out the idea of managing primary school e-mailing and social networking....intresting thoughts


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