Saturday, 5 November 2011

510 views - sickening video on child exploitation on Facebook

And here's a 'lovely' video for weekend showing posts made by some very sick is pretty rough so don't watch if you don't have a strong stomach for this kind of stuff, the most worrying thing is the 'groups' and 'activities' listed on their Facebook accounts,  a very good reason to have SNS banned for letting these type of people communicate with each other

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  1. First off, these people are sick & need to be exsterminated, secondly fb should ban anyone with any of those types of interests. its not SNS that needs to be banned cos that would be punishing everyone all over the world even though its only a handful of sickos, there should be more checks by Sns sites with computers that check for certain words & if these words show up then these peoples accounts should be investigated. these kinds of people should be found & taken out of society.