Monday, 7 November 2011

600 views - Anti Bullying Week 14th- 18th Nov 2011!!!

Next week marks the start of Anti Bullying Week =D

The theme for this years anti bullying campaign is "Stop and think - words can hurt" I think this is especially important in terms of cyber bullying where I've already discussed that children and young adults don't always think before they write.

I for one is very proud that Cornwall County Council posted this on their website

'Our Anti-Bullying Week slogan Stop and think - words can hurt challenges children and young people to stop and think about the language they are using in their face-to-face and digital communications.'

Got an e mail from TES, with this guide for parents about bullying, notice how absolutly no where is there any remarks about cyber bullying - but there is some really good generic anti bullying resources on here =D

Happy Anti-Bullying week!!!

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